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Instagram Post Ideas - Saira Mian's Digital Marketing Hub
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Instagram Post Ideas

Instagram Post Ideas That Can be Used as Long-Form Posts

  1. A Seasonal Shot.

The beauty of Instagram is that we are all in different places of the earth and while right now my outdoor view is snow covered, someone else is basking in the rays with a mojito in hand

  1. A Child/Fur-Baby Shot

Babies and pets are “like” magnets. Look at this pic quite honestly how could you not like this!?! Also, you want to consider your community when choosing to share a baby image or a pet image. If your demo is older they tend to have children and are more likely to like a child photo then a younger millennial. Pets really work for everyone though.

  1. What You’re Working On

I love this photo from dev_girls. It gives a little behind the scenes of your workspace and setup. This is a must post for photographers, as we are all curious about their setup.

  1. What You Are Eating

    People love food! Especially those drool worthy over the top sweet shots. Everyone eats so why not share what you are nibbling on! This is almost a must share for anyone in the fitness world (minus the sweet shots)


  1. Favourite Hang Out Spot

    This could be out with your friends or your favorite spot in your home. Mine is defiantly on the couch wrapped up in a blanket with a laptop in my lap.


  1. Your Favorite Spot in the House

    You might love baths like the image below (if I had a washroom like that I would too!), might be your kitchen or your gym. Wherever people are most likely to find you your followers will want to know! It adds to your story and reaffirms who you are.

  1. A Sweet Treat

    People love sweets. How many of the ice cream in hand on a colorful background have we seen in 2018? This trend continues through 2019 but now they are more over the top. Like how can they even fit so much sugar in one cone?!?! Beyond me.

  1. Your Fans/Followers

    If you have a community, feature them! Share their success stories, their images, it shows that you care.


  1. Books

    Share what your reading or your must-reads with your fans. If the post does well you could turn it into a weekly post for a month.

  1. A Handwritten Quote

    Creating quotes that are handwritten and photographed(then cleaned up) adds personality and your followers realize it isn’t something that you just reposted. Plus, it adds a united brand feel to your posts when all your quotes look like one another.

  1. Plants and Flowers

    If you are lucky enough to be able to garden and not kill everything that you plant (unlike me), freshly picked veggies, or a shot of yourself gardening is a perfect image to throw into your mix. If you’re like me and could not keep a plant alive if your life depended on it try fresh flowers. You can add a story by how/why you started gardening, what you love planting, or who those flowers are going to and why. Look at this image posted by fashion_khaleesi, just gorgeous.

  1. Sky or Sea

    These images are a great base for reflection posts.


  1. Your Favorite Things.

    You want to relate these to your niche. If you’re a fashion blogger then your fashion must-haves for 2019. Food bloggers – things that help you out in the kitchen.


  1. Your Favorite Thing to Eat Out Of.

    The story behind your favourite dishware. This could be a gift mug or something you found at your favorite market.


  1. A Throwback to a Trip

    Traveling photos are the most liked photos on Instagram. If you’re not heading somewhere soon, share your throwbacks to your favorite trips with a story.


  1. Morning Ritual

    Whether it’s journaling, working out or just giving your kid some extra time before starting your day, your followers would love to see it. You can make this long-form by adding why you do it, how it makes you feel or how you started.

  1. Daily Happenings

    My husband asks me every day to tell him a story. At first, I would blank out like nothing that exciting happened today, but the more I thought about I actually had quite a few stories in me! Everyone has a story to share even on an average day. Catch a shot of your daily happenings and tell the world what you were up to.


  1. Podcast/Music

    A shot of your air pods, headphones is great to go with the post.


  1. Share a trend in your niche

    Buzzsumo is a great space to check out content that is most shared or trending. Add a keyword and ride the rave.


  1. What’s Special About your City

    Every city has its own vibe, share what you love about yours, or why you moved there and why you would never leave.

  1. Wall Art And Why You Picked It

    Some people build their room around art or room around art. Share your story on why you picked what you picked and why you love it.


  1. Drink Shot

    Whether it’s a coffee, smoothie, wine or cocktail, we want to know what your drinking and why.


  1. Take a Shelfie

    What’s on your shelf? Books, framed photos, accent pieces? Give us a peak.

  1. A photo of a photo

    I love this one, sharing old photos of you are a great way to connect with your followers. Especially one that is not as glamorous as you are now. I am getting nostalgic just thinking about this one.

  1. A Seasonal/Holiday Image

    This might be how you’re celebrating Valentines Day, partying on St. Patty’s or together with your family on Christmas.


  1. Share your hero

    Share a pic of someone you look up to. This might be someone in your life or a public figure you look up to.


  1. Promote your offer

    This could and should be shared more than once a month.


  1. Share a customer story

    This is a great way to connect with your fans by sharing a happy customer that HAD the same pain points until you helped solve them.


  1. Share your favorite tip

    Make this related to your niche. Fashion – how to dress a pear shape, food niche how to easily peel garlic.


  1. Bag Flat-Lay

    What’s in your purse and why?

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